The New iPhone Sapphire Crystal To protected Screen From Grease And Dirt


Future-iPhones-Might-Have-Sapphire-Crystals-Instead-of-GlassBureau of patents and trademarks issued another U.S. patent application Apple, associated with the use of sapphire glass. The document describes a method of applying the screen ductile material oleophobic coating – a thin film that repels grease and dirt, and also makes it easy to wipe fingerprints.

Apple registered a patent for the technology in September 2013. Two months later , the company announced the opening of a plant for the production of sapphire glass. Construction enterprises conducted under a multi- contract with GT Advanced Technologies – the largest developer of protective glass of sapphire. Until it is used only in the lens of a digital camera , built- in smartphone iPhone 5s, as well as Home button with a fingerprint sensor.

The fact that the manufacturer’s interest in this material is very large, show a huge investment producer. Amount of the contract with GT Advanced Technologies, according to some sources , was 578 million dollars. In early 2014 , Apple filed another application , which refers to the different ways of mounting the sapphire to the iPhone.

Water and grease repellent coating Apple uses starting with the iPhone 3GS. However, now as a protective glass in the iPhone and many other smartphones flagship acts Gorilla Glass. At the Corning glass has its advantages : it is easier to sapphire , cheaper to produce and more transparent .


However, Apple, believe that the pros outweigh the cons sapphire . Such glass is 3-4 times stronger than the coating Corning, it is colorless , scratch-resistant , very hard and also virtually impervious to corrosive chemicals.

According to analysts, Apple now consumes about 10% of the world’s sapphire glass , which applies so far only to protect the iPhone’s camera and the Home button with a fingerprint sensor Touch ID.

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