A few days ago we told you about the images that iTunes 12.2 brought an update to support Apple Music. The iPod Touch would undergo major changes including in it a 64-bit base A, while the iPod nano and iPod Shuffle only receive new colors.

Earlier this month several Web sites reported the appearance of images of iPods with new colors in iTunes. In the picture (above) iPod Touch appeared dark blue, while the iPod Nano was seen in a golden color and beige Shuffle. MacRumors highlight the iPod Touch on July 14th, which could be an indication that the launch event would be that day.


 New colors of the iPod touch nano and shuffle

Apparently, by the images, it seems that these new machines only change in color and the lack of a place to connect the belt with which comes the fifth-generation iPod touch, but the French web iGen [Google Translate]  tells the internal names of these Three new machines and in the case of touch tells us that the name could be more than a cosmetic change.

ipod_2015_colorsNew sixth-generation iPod touch

The internal name for the iPod nano and shuffle are respectively n31a and n12d, when their names are currently n31 and n12b. Just change the names, indicating a minor change, probably only new colore gold and pink. However, the internal name of the iPod touch is, according iGen, n72 passes (corresponding to the current and already veteran fifth-generation iPod touch) to n102, indicating a major change that probably has much to do with the processor, it could happen to be 64 bit. This means that if this prediction comes true, the sixth-generation iPod touch could be similar to the iPhone 5S A7 with speed. Would be the new input device to iOS Apple universe for which there want a iPhone, a machine designed to be connected via Wi-Fi only and can run freely most games and Apps from the App Store .

iGen says this new iPod touch could be on her way to the shops and to be released next Tuesday, July 14. It makes sense, because Apple has scheduled the changes on its website, usually every Tuesday

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