qi wireless charger

qi wireless charger

Announced version of the Qi 1.2 takes wireless technology charging to the next level br making possible to charge gadgets from a distance.

For device manufacturers that provide greater opportunities in terms of design, because now charging can be hidden inside the body, and not located on the surface.

“The new energy efficient design transmitters simplifies the integration of chargers in the car, one transmitter Qi 1.2 is able to charge multiple devices at the same time, passing 2000 W”, – stated in the description of the standard.

Devices with Qi will be able to be recharged at a distance of 30 mm, while the new device with standard receivers Qi 1.2 – up to 45 mm. At first glance it may seem that 45 mm – not such a great distance. However, this is enough, for example, to build the charger on the table and make it less noticeable. Effectiveness of the new version of the resonance is 70-80%, and 85% of the previous inductive.

Qi is one of several common wireless standards charging along with Rezence and PMA. Earlier this year, Broadcom announced a chip that supports all three standards.

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