The New Redsn0w jailbreak tool features for iOS 5


Redsn0w, the favored jailbreak software, may have necessary modifications in its subsequent model, in step with the announcement of MuscleNerd.&#one hundred sixty;Redsn0w modifications will happen within the consumer interface and the jailbreak course of.&#one hundred sixty;As well as, embody the important instruments and associated to the jailbreak scene.&#one hundred sixty;


1. The new user interface reveals that the main screen will have two buttons 

– Jailbreak Button: to initialize the process of jailbreak and install Cydia. 
– Key Features: to display another window with various tools. 

2. The new way to jailbreak the iPhone / iPhone / iPod Touch is now Redsn0w automatically or manually. 

Automatic Method 
The button now jailbreak jailbreak process starts automatically, without the need to point and select the IPSW file from iOS. 

Redsn0w automatically detect your device, including the model and the IOS installed. Then connect to Apple's servers to download only the files needed for tethered or untethered jailbreak, depending on the type of jailbreak available for your device. 

Manual method 
Select button located within Extras IPSW to select the IPSW iOS on the disk and then follow the manual process known so far, 

The difference between automatic and manual method is that the former applies to final versions of IOS (and p
ossibly updates OTA) and the second applies a beta version of iOS. 

3. Extras 

It includes multiple features that can be used to perform various operations related to jailbreak 

– Just boot menu to boot the device each time it restarts and you lose the jailbreak tethered. 
– Pwned DFU: to enter DFU mode and then restore Pwned a custom IPSW file through iTunes. 
– Recovery fix: To exit the Recovery. 
– Blobs SHSH: to obtain, verify and use the SHSH blobs. 
– Select IPSW: Manually specify a file IPSW. 
– Preferences: user preferences. 

Additionally, SHSH Blobs are other options as 

– Fetch: blobs of the device for locally and Cydia. 
– Verify: verifies the existence of the files blobs. 
– Submit: send files to the server blob Cydia. 
– Query: query servers available Cydia all blobs of a device. 
– Stich: Customize an IPSW with blobs.


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