The new timeline from Twitter in video


It is a story that’s certain to hobby all twittos. The guidelines is recent, we now have certainly realized that Twitter will soon undertake a facelift of its timeline . The program, therefore, some cosmetic improvements but mainly lots of new features that allow you to access more easily to shared media on the famous micro-blogging service. And if you're wondering what to expect, it's not complicated, the following video will let you see much clearer.


The big news of the new timeline of Twitter is undoubtedly the ability to view media attached to a tweet directly following it. A link will indeed make its debut and you can simply open the message of your choice. It will no longer need to click on a tweet to view the image or video in it in the right sidebar. And the great interest of the thing is that this function will work with most media, including images, videos and podcasts.

The other very interesting from my point of view, the grouping of tweets in discussions .Rather than display messages on the timeline ante-chronological order, Twitter will be grouped into separate blocks which will allow us to more easily follow the discussions. With one click, you will be able to place the famous blocks and be aware of all the reactions to a post.Remember also that this is precisely what Jaiku proposed in his time.

For statistics aficionados, the new Twitter will also display the number of retweets a message directly to it. There is no doubt that this function should be very pleased to bloggers, community managers and the more widely to all those who regularly paluchent service. Finally, among the least notable improvements, less showy, one can also include the integration of the famous button-sharing / favorites / answers the top of the tweet. So much for the outline and if you want to see "a true" what happens, the following video is for you. 



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