The New York Times just confirmed that Apple prepares “two ambitious” iPhone 6 and iWatch to appear on September 9. According to information revealed by unnamed sources that the Times says they are fairly close to the company Apple, the iWatch is one of the most ambitious Apple project.

Among the more interesting points that could bring this New York newspaper will highlight the wearable sensors that device to monitor user’s physical aspects. According to sources, iWatch technology will be the most advanced to measure heart rate, calories burned, steps taken and other physical parameters.

Smart watch can be charged wirelessly, but ultimately no solar energy, as Apple intended. It will interact with the iOS 8 app HealthKit and also with OS X Yosemite, thanks to new options continuity. Finally, your screen will be flexible but inexplicably covered with sapphire crystal.

Both the iWatch and iPhone 6 will be getting the NFC payment system, states The New York Times(just like The Wall Street Journal had earlier confirmed). This feature will allow the owners to pay with your Visa, Mastercard and American Express devices.

These are the points  NYT has been able to clarify:

  • Apple has placed particular emphasis on refining device sensors so that measure different parameters of physical activity with greater accuracy than the quantifiers that are currently on the market. The plate contains all the electronics and sensors is slightly larger than a postage stamp.
  • In early versions, Apple tried the clock could be charged with sunlight, but the experiment failed. The iWatch (the name is still provisional) integrates wireless charging.
  • The iWatch will be equipped with flexible display and coated sapphire crystal.
  • Two pillars of the watch will be the Health iOS app 8 Handoff platform and presented the company with Yosemite and designed to easily integrate all Apple devices.
  • Yes there will be two screen sizes iPhone 6 (4.7 and 5.5 inches). To solve the problem of managing such a large screen, Apple has developed a specific interface to control with one hand, which can be turned on and off (similar to the option that already exists in the Galaxy Note)
  • Both the iPhone 6 as the iWatch integrate NFC. The agreement between Apple and Visa, Mastercard and American Express is real. Payments may be made from both

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