P0sixninja stated just a few days in the past that the following model would Greenpois0n for firmware four.2.1.A few folks concept it might be tethered, like redsn0w zero.9.6. Alternatively, these days it used to be verified in any other case.


 p0sixninja: A lot of people are saying another tethered jailbreak is pointless, I agree. Focusing on getting untethered before release

Hill says that Joshua is that many people think the next jailbreak will still tethered. He agrees.But he works on untethered before making it available.


tahu363: @p0sixninja I assume you are talking about Greenpois0n? Are you implementing Musclenerd’s untether or do you have your own?

p0sixninja: @tahu363 we’re implementing our own

Capsfanchad: @p0sixninja I’m assuming "your own" will require 4.2b3 shsh? And thanks for your guys work!

p0sixninja: @Capsfanchad lol no

This is not the same method used in Untethered that MuscleNerd redsn0w 0.9.7 is their own approach to the Chronic Dev Team. Moreover, what is good is that they do not require Jailbreak fetch the firmware 4.2b3 therefore no need files SHSH 4.2b3. Here is the conversation in question:

For now, as usual, we have no information on the availability of new software Greenpois0n. We will keep you informed.

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