The brand new iPad will be called "iPad HD" according to believe Griffin and Belkin. Thanks to BGR we know that the new iPad Griffin3-cover on the market under the name 'IntelliCase is for iPad HD. But there is more evidence in the following lines




A reader reports that a device called iPad HD has been appearing occasionally in their web site analytics since April 2011. However, device names can be easily simulated using Chrome or Firefox browsers. His data also list a 2048 x 1536 device accessing the site during the same period, which coincides with the rumored resolution for the new iPad.

It would take the form of device that the name "iPad HD" bears and a resolution will be twice as large as the iPad 1 and 2, ie 2048 x 1536 pixels. The suffix "HD" was chosen not only because of the higher resolution, according to the website, but also because the device is aimed at another market. The iPad HD would be designed as "pro" device and therefore focused on the high-end market, possibly those in the video and photo production work. The new tablet would be introduced together with a professional iPad application, which needs to cover Apple's video editing suite Final Cut or photo editing software Aperture.




Gizmodo highlighted that the iPad 3 will be marketed as the "iPad HD."An alleged product list from accessories manufacturers Griffin and Belkin contains references to "iPad HD."Accessories manufacturers do get details on Apple products in advance, but it's at the last possible minute for them to have products ready for sale at launch.With the iPad 3 announcement coming on March 7


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