The next iPhone would be a low-cost “iPhone icloud”


The rumor that Apple would produce a low-price iPhone to hook new consumers much less "straightforward" rises from the ashes , even if it commenced to noticeably develop for a number of weeks AppleNApps claims that Apple will release in the coming months – with the iPhone 5- with a small storage capacity and will mainly use the new service from Apple icloud  (storage line) in place to adjust the balance. It turns out that Apple would appoint to date in this famous house new phone " icloud iPhone  . "


If we stick to the words provided, "Apple will offer two iPhone models in the fall with a brand new iPhone 5 as planned, and a cheaper iPhone that the iPhone will icloud." To continue, the site mentions that the iPhone will be five in turn thinner with a processor Apple A5, as the iPad 2. As for the iPhone icloud, he would use materials already used in the current iPhone 4.

Apple reduced the price of making the iPhone 4 without damaging its quality.The main cost will be lower due to the pre-storage capacity provided by using an aluminum back cover cheaper. […] The experience of an iPhone in the clouds will be accessible to a large percentage of users due to its price.

If the iPhone truly icloud see the day, Apple will have to seriously negotiate with the operators. These locking bolts offering many packages "unlimited" which are not really in the end (of so many slanted GB for data connection), the case could take time. Of course Wi-Fi syncing is possible, however.

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