The rumor season is in full swing once more nowadays, it used to be asserted that an iPhone with 3.95-inch screen will propably be released.  Also, Sony are working with in-cell displays for the new iPhone. New images of a possible front panel of a new iOS device, possibly iPod touch surfaced on the Internet with a 4.1-inch. If they really are, it means that Apple is working on a new iPhone or iPod touch with a larger screen.


Although this spare part could actually be used to equip a cheap Chinese copy of the manufacturer should have anticipated the possible increase in screen size of the counterfeit model, it would seem logical that Apple plans to incorporate a larger screen in its players if this innovation is as rumor announced the program also features the iPhone 5 … MacRumors has published two photographs of the screen panel with a white front and black back, which could be used in the new iPod touch. They have received aome pictures  of the next iPod Touch panel.&#0
Authenticity provided other small parts (such as the sensor of the allegedly coming next iPhone 5) are shown on the U.S. site, the front part of the next generation iPod Touch comes with a larger display ("4.1 inches"). If it is indeed real parts, the next iPod Touch is expected to be significantly larger than its predecessor

From corner to corner the new screen measuring 4.1 inch. If the iPod touch gets a bigger screen, would that also be true for the new iPhone. Both Wall Street Journal and Reuters last week claiming that Apple will release an iPhone with a screen of 4 inch or larger.
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