During the last days it is circulating in pages like YouTube and GitHub an emulator that supposedly allows to play the games of of Nintendo Switch in the computer. The so-called Switch Emulator boasts of offering the ability to play with titles for the Switch on your Windows PC but do not even download it; When you do so it takes you to a selection of websites full of ads that provides scammers a hefty amount of money. Ads that want to draw attention by providing so-called games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for your computer, in addition to promising you gift cards from Netflix.

On YouTube you can find videos with thousands of hits that shows how the fake Nintendo Switch emulator works and how we can download it. In the comments we read many comments trying to give true to the supposed software: “It works!”, “Great, thank you!”; Obviously it is hooks for the thymus. The emulator they teach in the video is simply Dolphin with the modified interface. It should be noted that Dolphin is Nintendo’s famous console emulator – very dangerous and not recommendable – which can encourage many users to fall into deception.

The gamer world is so desperate to play the latest Nintendo console that it ignores the obvious warning signs. And it is that the big events like the launches of consoles of last generation have always been a vehicle very used by the scammers throughout the years so, if you want to play with titles of the Switch the best option is to buy you one.

Our recommendation is that you flee from this type of software, both emulators that promise to play Nintendo Switch games on the computer, as well as other consoles. The only thing you will get is to fill your PC with malware and compromise the security of your data.

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