The official Twitter client for iOS update brings improved features and photos sharing


twitter update

The release of an update for the official client Twitter. New version numbered 6.3 includes enhancements related to downloading and photos sharing.

The essence of the official client update reduces to the updated interface attach images to tweets in the manner of application Facebook Paper. Client splits the screen into two parts: the top is a text message at the bottom – photo library iOS. Images are presented as thumbnails square shape with the possibility of scrolling and selecting the desired frame . Enough to indicate any picture to attach it to tweet . Also in the application includes improvements in the exchange of photos ( cropping and rotation features shots).

Previous major client update was released in early December. Twitter 6.0 has an updated design and new gestures ” swipe ” to switch between the main sections : the tab ” Home “, ” Actions ” and ” in the loop” . At the same time it makes it easier to view private messages .

In addition, Twitter allows you to view the search results next to tweets and tweets of those who read the user . Client learned to manage notifications about new messages : You can receive feedback , retweets and favorites only from those who are interesting to the user.

Download official client Twitter 6.3 for iOS available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [App Store]

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