The reasons why the Apple decided to remove the SD card readers in the 2016 Macbook pro are not entirely clear, but Phil Schiller, executive of the company, has shed some light on some shortcomings did not like anything. Removal of SD card reader has been one of the points that has bothered people.

Schiller has given the official version of events in an interview with The Independent. Why Apple removed the SD card reader? Because “it’s a little uncomfortable” because the SD card port protrudes slightly.

In turn, the executive adds that the USB readers are faster and that not everyone uses SD cards, some photographers and professionals committed to the Compact Flash. Another reason is that they have eliminated “more and more cameras begin to have wireless transfer”, which he believes Schiller, will be the future and will not need an adapter to transfer photos. While this is true, adopting this kind of camera is still not enough.

However, it may not seem enough. Many users have hit in the sky before removing not only the SD card reader, but also the standard USB ports or the MagSafe connector. While the latter is a port owned by Apple, full USB remain the most used today in all kinds of devices.

The 2016 Macbook Pro has opted for the new standard to be imposed in the future USB-C ports, but today remains a odd. Schiller also argues why the Macbook Pro with 3.5mm input for headphones , something lacking new iPhone 7. He says that “these are machines for professional” and adds: “Many users have monitors, amplifiers and computers that do not have wireless solutions and they need a 3.5mm jack to connect”.

(Source: The Independent)

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