The Social Network Writer approached Steve Jobs movie script


In the past confirmed that Sony is  in filming the Steve Jobs biography. Right here once more the corporate between 1 and $ three million to have provided. The LA Times now claims to know more about the film: Sony in their attempts to seduce Aaron Sorkin to write screenplay for the film. Sorkin would be good for this loan, he was also previously responsible for the writing behind The Social Network, a film about Mark Zuckerberg's life and the rise of Facebook.


LA Times says a source talking to those involved in the film plans. His exact role is unclear, but based on gathered information site writes the following:

Sony takes the necessary steps to create a film based on Isaacson's book. One of the writers who currently is tempted here to cooperate, Aaron Sorkin, a renowned Hollywood writer.

Aaron Sorkin is no stranger to his work with Steve Jobs: Jobs would have asked him first for a Pixar film writing , an offer he eventually declined. He would not be able to talk to lifeless objects.

Official details of a film are not yet known and the casting is not said. Probably it will therefore take some time before the first details trickle out.

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