The White iPhone four to Arrive April 27?


Engadget has been receiving pictures of the White iPhone 4 straight from the UK operator Vodafone . It is clear that the iPhone is forthcoming and will (finally) landed at our local retailers and operators. Why finally? Simply because it is expected for months and months.


Postponed many times by Apple officially announced as imminent subsequently by other sources and analysts, the "messiah" arrived shortly. Although no date has been announced to date.

But good things come to those who wait, looks like the good old crevure La Fontaine. What we have just learned through 9to5Mac , Engadget and Nikos Aliagas is that the iPhone 4 white would normally arrive at our operators next week. Finally, in reality it is already in their cellar, eh, but apparently they did not have the right to disclose it before April 27 or Wednesday if I do my iCal lie. Most interesting, of course, is that a
ll operators have not necessarily played the game and we have therefore been unable to obtain adequate information on the new model 
(which is actually not so new that it ) .

For indeed, it appears that English boyfriend has managed to get an White iPhone 4 at Vodafone UK. What is known, then, is that the iPhone 4 white should be available in two versions.Versions that differ only by their storage space (16 GB or 32 GB) . Um, but be careful because this is not the only novelty. Also according to our friend eating pudding, iPhone 4 white embarquerait also a new proximity sensor! It's amazing! It's incredible! It's a revolution!At the same time, it is not surprising since it appears that some black models are a problem on that side. Finally, it's like the blow of the antenna, there is no doubt that Apple also took the opportunity to make adjustments.

However, and this is something so important, it appears that the quantities are very limited. This also means that our friendly operators may find themselves very quickly run out of stock. In essence, therefore, if you wait 10 months since the release of my stuff, so he'll have you to be as fast as the silver fox desert because there will not be for everyone.Note, the advantage of the thing is that the white iPhone 4 will probably become collector and we will be able to fill their pockets buying a dozen models and selling them at twice the price on eBay. Finally, I say this, I say nothing, eh …

According to some leakage, there is already talk of Tuesday, April 26 or 27. You'll understand that by next week, the White iPhone 4  should be available.

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