There will be no iPhone SE in Spring 2017


iPhone se

Ming-Chi Kuo returns with its predictions. This time want to talk about the iPhone SE (Special Edition), a new report that suggests that iPhone sales may drop in the first part of 2017. The reason why this could happen, according to the reliable source, it is to found that Apple has intention to launch a new version of SE iPhone..However, little or nothing Apple spoke about this new range of iPhone so special. However, according to Chinese analyst, Apple will not present another model in 2017 for various reasons.

According to Kuo, Apple will sell between 40 and 50 million units of the iPhone during the early 2017, something quite similar to what was offered during the last quarter of 2016. These prospects as conservationists are due to falling demand 4.7-inch model of the iPhone in China, in favor of more screen units offered by the national companies of lesser importance. However, perhaps the companion Kuo shown overconfident in Asian companies, a fairly closed market.

Therefore, Apple will not release another edition or an update to iPhone SE, preventing cannibalization of sales of its other devices. Apple has sold about 40 million units of iPhone in mid-2016, which would decrease slightly in 2017.

However, the reasons from my point of view are much more logical, the iPhone has a scandal price for what it offers, and having enjoyed since the day of its release, and having an iPhone 6s at home, I can attest that performance is so outstanding that we could categorize higher, in an understated design designed by and for user comfort.

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