Thermodo turns the iPhone into an instant thermometer for temperature measurement


Thermodo-1Danish startup Robocat presented an original accessory for owners of mobile devices Apple. Thermodo – a compact thermometer that is placed in the audio connector iPhone and iPad and allows you to instantly determine the temperature of the surrounding air.

Thermodo is a tiny thermometer built into the body with a standard plug for headphones. In the design of the device includes a highly sensitive sensor , which allows you to accurately measure the temperature of the air anywhere. Thermodo communicates with a mobile application that provides real-time notification of the increase or decrease in temperature.

Sensor used in the device , converts the temperature in electric resistance, which allows the software to work . As the developers say , the same principle can calculate any parameters – wind speed , pressure , light . At startup plans – creation of a set of small adapters ” to measure anything ” via smartphones.

Thanks Thermodo, fitness enthusiasts and leisure can always carry a small thermometer , although with the same success novelty can measure the temperature in the room. You do not have to rely on information from third-party services .

ThermodoThe main drawback about Thermodo  is that it has a narrow operating temperature range: -4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit . On the other hand , the number of people who are engaged in any sport at temperatures below -4 degrees , not so great .

Thermodo available in two versions : the basic model in black, red or silver color variations housing at  30 or Premium version is priced at $45 , which is performed in the case of aluminum with a matte finish and features engraved logos. Novelty is equipped with original charm , which can be hung on a bunch of keys , when the need to use Thermodo missing.

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