These iPhone Apps will demonstrate the new features about iCloud


You have to now not have neglected for the reason that launch of iOS 5 yesterday icloud is available to everyone has become. In the coming days and weeks there will be many apps provided with an update to the online storage and synchronization service, Apple will support. We selected five applications that already has the capabilities of icloud demonstrate in different ways.

GoodReader-iPhone-iPod-touchGoodReader– Of all the PDF reader you can download on the iPhone is a good reader of the most versatile.The application had already read messages from your PDF e-mail and iTunes and collaborate with Google Docs and Dropbox. Now there is also support for icloud. It allows you to place documents in the folder for easy icloud between the iPhone and iPad exchange. It’s a kind of extra
-sync and backup possibility of an application that has many possibilities in this area. The nice thing is that the icloud support you in this GoodReader also stores the data. Or, if your iPhone is lost or delete the app, you can once again later on icloud your Dropbox, Google Docs and use FTP sync without re-entering all data.Download: GoodReader for iPhone ($4.99)

Osfoora-for-Twitter-iPhone-iPod-touchOsfoora – The Twitter Client for iPhone hits Osfoora now unsent messages in icloud. Next time you can have such draft, or draft version of a tweet than recall and still polish and publish. The Twitter accounts that you enter in the application are stored in icloud. If the iPhone and iPad version both have the drafts and accounts automatically exchanged. Osfoora is a complete Twitter client that, among other things apart from many competitors through its dark background.Download: Osfoora for Twitter (2.99)

WeatherPro-iPhone-iPad-iCloud-readyWeatherPro – To celebrate the release of iOS 5 WeatherPro is temporary for 1.59 euros to download half the normal price. But that’s the impact of Apple’s new software on. The Dutch icloud app also features synchronization with which you can store and transfer bookmarks from the iPhone to the iPad and vice versa.In addition, think of the places you want to know the weather forec
ast. Handy, because WeatherPro is full of options. There is a rainfall radar include built in and you can line the back of the next period in a graph. Download: WeatherPro ($3.99)

SoundHound-iPhone-iPad-iCloudSoundHound – Wherever you are, if you have an iPhone, iPod touch or iPhone handy, you hound with sound you hear a song, listen to the app and instantly recognizable. In a constant battle with direct competitor Shazam is the first to sound hound icloud support. That means you numbers that you’ve recognized the iPad , also looks back on the iPhone and vice versa. Minimize the need for more shared archives of music you hear something and you liked to pass up. The icloud feature seems almost born to the sound hound. Download: Sound Hound (free)

Gem-Kings-iCloud-ondersteuning-iPhone-iPadGem King – The Pegge-like game Gem King is less than a week for the iPhone and iPad is already offered for free, and as icing on the cake now icloud support!Suppose you have two devices in the home. Let your home on the King Gem iPadplay because the balls bounce between diamonds to tackle, plays nicer on a large screen. If you then need to go anywhere and still wants to play, you just take the iPhone and continue where you left off. All you have to do is once icloud activated in both versions of the game briefly and wait until the progress in the game has been updated. This fun game icloud shows how important it can be for games. It also does a very nice price.Download: Gem King (free, universal app)


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