iPhone and iPad owners will soon have the opportunity to upgrade their devices to iOS 7, the next major update of the mobile platform Apple. The current version carries a huge number of shortcomings . To recap, iOS 6 has brought 200 new features previously unavailable in the system. Along with them came a lot of bugs and errors, not-tested in the real world with real users. Many owners of the iPhone and iPad are complaining that some functions do not work as expected, or not completely. iOS 7 will be presented at the Worldwide Developers Conference Apple (WWDC) in California, where it will display the new features and capabilities of the platform.

iOS needs a huge improvement, but there is something that needs to amendment before the rest. So, things Apple that should be fixed in iOS 7:

Spotlight: Wikipedia, or the Web?

Do any of you use Spotlight search service in iOS? Of course, someone is using, no doubt. But if we consider the service in general – it can hardly be compared with competing systems research. When Spotlight can find something, he will find. But if Spotlight can not afford to treat the entered query – the service will give a choice: to look up on Wikipedia or on the Internet. It is not clear why Apple will not combine with the all-knowing Spotlight thing as Siri. It would be much more useful.

Siri: still in beta stage


As for the voice assistant Siri – at the moment it is still listed as an unfinished product, and is a beta version. Siri often skips words, limited in their knowledge and, as it turned out recently, not everyone wants to know the results of the last football match. Most of watching football (or any other sport), simply because they – the fans. That’s all. As long as the service does not learn to do something useful, and not necessarily with the use of speech – it’s just a game, nothing more.

Every smartphone has a set of pre-installed applications: weather, memo pad, sometimes the exchange rate, and almost always a calculator. Have you ever used a calculator on Android? You can calculate where the exchange rate, length, distance, weight, and much more. Most of us have not even heard of such a unit of measurement, as Furlong. A heard of Android. (Of course, the iPhone also has a scientific calculator when you rotate it into landscape mode. But if I had not noticed it by accident after six months of using the phone, so would not know until now).

When the device receives a text or email message, a notification banner will appear on top, overlapping part of the screen and the locking button. And when the device is locked, some messages are still erupt on the screen. Even if you need to unlock the password. All that anyone can pick up your iPhone or iPad and read what they read should not be. Notifications should definitely be better.

To enable or disable Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you definitely need to close the current running application and go through a bunch of settings. Just in order to activate the connection to the Internet. The jailbreak community has addressed this problem by introducing a system of button switches, available at any time while using the device. Why Apple can not do the same?

Location-based services are fine. As long as you do not forget to include them

Services based on your current location, a great thing, especially if you need to do something in a certain place. For example, you need to buy milk on the way back home from work. If it is clogged in your phone – it will remind you at the very moment when you pass by your favorite store. However, if the radar services are disabled to prevent discharge of the battery, reminders will not work. And that means that millions of people around the world are constantly forget to buy milk or pick up the kids from school.

Maps need to significantly improvement


Everyone remembers what the problem was Apple card immediately after the release. Tim Cook even had to publicly apologize to the users for errors and omissions in the maps, as well as for the case of the ill-fated astray because of inaccuracies in the maps of Australians. One of the most useful innovations would be the introduction of a subway route map and the rest of the public transport. It will be very useful for people living in big cities.

iMessage is unreliable


How many times was that you refused to iMessage? I’m sure it was more than once. If data transfer is not available to you, or you just are in an area with poor network coverage – iMessage will switch you to the good old SMS-message, not pictures, emoticons and more. And even if you got rid of by SMS, does not guarantee that this problem will end. There are many cases when iMessage simply stopped working. If the service can work – it works. But if not – working.

iTunes can not sync correctly with two different computers

Going on a long trip, we download to your device a few movies or TV shows and a couple of your favorite music playlists. But if we connect the device to another Mac (or any computer with installed iTunes), how it is lost. Why? Because the phone (or player) is synchronized with the connected Mac, which is empty (or other music). You can not upgrade the months to your music collection on your player or phone, and constantly listening to the same favorite tracks? So, you do not have iPhone (or iPod).

Camera Roll and Photo Stream. What’s the difference? The first is in your phone, the second – in the cloud iCloud. However, no one knows exactly when the photo will be uploaded from the device to the cloud. It always happens randomly and unexpectedly – even for many advanced users.

Do you remember the last time I used a compass? When was the last time were far from the city, alone wading through the thick forests and high mountains? Few of iPhone users really need a compass. And many of them have a dedicated device and is not used for this smartphone.

 “Do not disturb” could be much better


“Don’t disturb” – a perfect characteristic for iOS, however Apple could make it even higher. As an example, if the hyperlink perform with geo-region capabilities of gadgets.

Notification Middle lets you fast look over the whole thing that occurs on your tool: birthday reminders, digital and textual content messages, calendar situations, social networking and extra. On the other hand, quick turns into disturbing via the truth that each time you wish to delete separately each and every notification, the notification for the notification. Always. “Delete all” very a lot more straightforward lifestyles could be.

Designed for the extra consumer purchase aircraft tickets and get reductions in bars and eating places, Passbook was once designed essentially to reinforce the developer neighborhood. Sure, no doubt you need to use Passbook for reductions or buy tickets. However infrequently any individual does it in actual lifestyles. Starbucks is actively the use of the carrier for the granting of reductions to its clients. However it’s pretty much the one main firm concerned Passbook for the time being.

Why no longer mark all messages as learn?

Many people get daily dozens and from time to time tons of of e-mails. A few of them we take a look at our laptop, however continuously there is not any get right of entry to to it. After which we lodge to the mail shopper on the iPad or iPhone. Why cannot I decide up and skim all of the messages with one button?

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