Apple, the iWear line launch a prepared-made package deal for your self the garb of Steve Jobs to be measured. Within the field comprises a black turtleneck St. Croix from a hundred% cotton, a Levi's 501 denims and grey New Stability sneakers.Apple will promote the product with the slogan 'Be like Steve "(" Be like Steve).


An advertising campaign in all major consumer publications to ensure that the trend is the iWear package as a Christmas present, even in major department stores. Bloomingdale's has announced that nearly 40 square meters in the stores to reserve the iWear collection. An Apple spokeswoman says it's a logical step: "Since Steve controls so much of our lives anyway, it just makes sense to let him dress us too."

Steve's glasses sold separately. In the future can we expect products around Apple personalities, such as a shaver to the look of Jonathan Ive to establish whether the scent of Phil Schiller. In Russia the first batch iWear clothing already highlighted in the black economy.[Via Scoopertino]

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