This a Idea About The iPad mini 2 Built-in With Contact ID In Gold


ipad gold

According to  various leaks , the design of the new tablet iPad mini 2 will not change – it is believed that the gadget will get a more powerful processor and a display Retina. However, with the release of new iPhone models in the “gold” package and a fingerprint scanner , some analysts tend to assume that similar changes expected in tablet computers and Apple.

Tireless Martin Hayek has prepared a concept iPad 5 and  mini iPad 2 with the latest “Apple” trends. 8-inch model is presented in the color ” white gold “, which boasts one of the versions of iPhone 5s. And both of the tablet , on the idea designer fitted Fingerprint Touch ID. As well as on the new iPhone, the fingerprint sensor can be used as a replacement for four-digit pin code unlock the iPad and while shopping in the App Store and iTunes Store.

However, with high probability iPad 5 and mini iPad 2, the presentation of which is expected on October 15 , will not have a built-in fingerprint scanner. According to observers, this feature Apple saved up for next-generation models iPad 6 and iPad mini 3, which will be released no earlier than 2014.


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