Although we have met very interesting external batteries, the company proposes StoreDot charge the phone in just 60 seconds. That is, instead of designing a battery that lasts several days, we offer that we charge throughout each day, but very quickly.

The funny thing is that the nanodots in which this technology is based were discovered while investigating chains of amino acids to combat Alzheimer’s. But at the University of Tel Aviv soon realized they were in molecules with more possibilities. So they began working on StoreDot. It is a system that needs a specific battery, a special electronics in the smartphone and chargers owners.

Despite the special technology used, its creators believe that no encarecería a smartphone over 40 euros. Unfortunately, these batteries last 30% less than normal, so consumers should get used to charge the phone in 60 seconds … but do it more than once a day. The company is in talks with more than 15 manufacturers to license your system, and believes that this year will reach an agreement with one or two, to launch the first commercial products based on StoreDot during Christmas 2016.


The company estimates that in 2018 its batteries last as long as conventional, and believes that many consumers are willing to pay the extra cost involved in technology. So it seems that the future is mobile battery charge in just 60 seconds and Samsung should also believe, because it is one of the investors StoreDot.

The company estimates that 60% of those who use their mobile intensively carry the charger when they leave home, so the idea of ​​charging mobile throughout the day is not so unusual. Now have to wait to see if this product becomes reality for what it is basic that StoreDot convince manufacturers to integrate their system.

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