We’ve been talking about the future Nexus 6 time, the next smartphone Nexus family, and several have been rumors and facts that have been filtered on the terminal. In fact, one of the most important affects its name, which might actually Nexus X to avoid legal claims regarding the characters of the famous Phillip K. Dick novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” (where the movie “Blade Runner” was inspired).
Now new details have come to 9to5Google to confirm and dispel some of those previous leaks, and have met all of them to present that could be the impending Nexus X Motorola takes time to develop with the code name ‘Shamu’ that we had already heard.

The first family of Nexus phablet

According to these new data, the Nexus X will feature a display of 5.92 inches, a “giant” diagonal for many who enters it squarely in the realm of phablets and gives a huge jump from the netted five inches of Nexus 5 . such display stands not only for its size but for its qHD resolution (2,560 x 1,440 pixels, 498 dpi) again we worry about the compromise between resolution and battery life has not fared well in other devices that screen, as with the LG G3.
To try to compensate for this section include Motorola 3,200 mAh battery that is on decent paper capacity, but it certainly should be evaluated in real scenarios. The processor Snapdragon Nexus X would be 805, and is expected to accompany him 3 GB of RAM. There will be at least one model with 32 GB of storage, with other options (64 ¿128 GB perhaps?) Undiscovered. Surprised to discover, by the way, that will not be a Nexus X smartphone ready for the 64 bits of both L spoke with Android, especially that processor which is basically a 32-bit micro which, yes, has a system LPAE that would let you use 4GB of RAM if necessary.

The data reveal that the cameras in the back of a camera will have 13 Mpixels -able 4K video recording, complemented with 2 Mpixel front could be identical to that Motorola has used in the new Moto X .
Motorola retains the Moto X design
Comparisons with terminal latter seems inevitable, according 9to5Google the Nexus 6 design will be something like a “Maxi Moto X” to be basically the same curve of the back, and a very similar position for buttons and inputs / slots (headset, Micro USB, SIM) terminal. The housing assert that data would be made ​​of plastic, but would use aluminum in certain details like your frame.
These rumors, however, do not rule out a second model of the Nexus X would pose similar to Apple iPhones with the new strategy. Thus we would have the device with 5.92-inch screen, but also another version with lower He speaks of a screen diagonal of 5.2 inches-of leaks that have appeared through benchmarking services.
Whatever Google’s bet, much is expected of the new Nexus smartphone family, especially when its former members have become relevant product market for its price / performance ratio

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