ihelplounge_003About charging the iPhone there are no miracles although there are ways to load faster. For those who tend to charge iPhone from your computer, the company has designed a cable SONICable according to them, promises to reduce the charging time in half.

How this cable Lightning work? The accessory has a switch that enables or disables the sync with your computer. When we disable the USB port of the computer interprets that we will use to load and remove the limitation of 900mA, becoming up to 1.5A.

That’s where lies the magic of this cable. Then you have other interesting things like MFi certificate (no messages that indicated that the accessory is not supported), its reversible USB port, lifetime warranty and finished in aluminum connectors.


Pick up a unit SONICable now costs $ 27 at Indiegogo but then there are other packs to buy more quantity with some extra savings.

If you buy this cable for use with the iPhone wall charger, you’re buying a Lightning cable without more. In this case, use the switch to turn off synchronization makes no sense at the end loading speed is limited by the output amperage that provides the charger to which we connected the iPhone.

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