Some peope received a few days ago, the new iPhone 6s in order to be able to test it thoroughly and draw and their revised their conclusion the product is officially released. The release is this Friday, and today was the day that Apple put as home to start showing content related to new iPhones.

For the first time, Apple has given a drive to popular vlogger Casey Neistat, who is gaining fame and followers by leaps and bounds with its carefree daily video blogs, which shows her life in New York and elsewhere in the world to that it moves. Moreover, some of you will sound for recently released Beme application that allows us to share short video clips with people around the world and see their reactions to what we show them.

Because of the impact it has, the Cupertino have lent an iPhone 6s to engraven only one of the videos with this device. As we know, one of the main features of this new iPhone is that, it can record video in 4K.

Although he used an additional microphone and a lens to give a greater angle to the recording, the camera quality is evident, making us want to try as soon as possible, this new recording option. For now, watch videos posted have already have their hands on the iPhone 6s and iPhon 6s Plus.[SOURCE CASEYNEISTAT]

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