This is the HomePod Mini, now smaller and smarter!


Apple has officially unveiled the HomePod Mini. The new smart speaker is now smaller without losing anything in functional terms compared to the first generation.

The Apple smart speaker is renewed in design, with a more spherical body than the previous model which however maintains the tactile surface known so far. Thanks to the tactile surface we will be able to use some simple commands to manage music playback, such as volume adjustment.

HomePod Mini is renewed in terms of construction, integrating two drives and a woofer for full-bodied bass and high-quality audio. Thanks to the integration of the S5 chip it will be possible to enjoy the new technology called Computational audio, thanks to which the device will be able to offer the best possible listening quality based on the genre we are listening to.

The company has also integrated the U1 chip, allowing HomePod Mini to understand the position of our iPhones equipped with the same chip within the surrounding space. As in the past generation, we will be able to listen to music natively simply by interrogating Siri. In addition to Apple Music, we will be able to listen to music using the Amazon Music service, as well as several web radios available.

Apple has worked hard on the smart side. As always, it will be possible to interact with our HomeKit devices available in our home and we will be able to receive differentiated answers thanks to Siri’s ability to recognize the user who carried out the query.

Apple has gone further, however, by integrating the Intercom function. Thanks to Intercom we will be able to communicate with other HomePods within the home and with the Apple devices of our family. For example, we can send a message to one of our relatives who can listen to it thanks to a second HomePod placed in another room but we can also interact with CarPlay systems and all the other products of the Apple line.

Apple has decided on a significant price cut over the previous generation. HomePod Mini costs just $99, with pre-orders starting November 6 and shipping on November 16.

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