This might look like the new iPhone


If none of us is aware of precisely what is going to the brand new iPhone 5 looks as if,  a large number of circumstances have emerged in latest weeks on the web supply some signals on the design of the long run smartphone … The use of this knowledge, our colleagues MacRumors, have used the design studio CiccareseDesign to imagine what might look like the famous smartphone from AppleAnd here's the result:



Armed with the specifications of these shells, the design agency therefore reveals a particularly realistic 3D rendering and probably close to what looks like the next generation of iPhone. This concept therefore incorporates specification of shells, as well as the greater width of the screen, repeatedly raised through various rumors, and a Home button wider, which is also the subject of another rumor. Rumors of the most exotic were avoided in order to remain the most credible and feasible (and better!). Exit the screen then curved.





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