This webpage will crash your iPhone, iPad and Mac



Beware of  CrashSafari dot com website, as once opened will send haywire any browser on PCs, Macs and smartphones. At this time it is circulating on major social, especially Facebook and Twitter, the invitation to visit a web page called CrashSafari. Promises as the name of the site just click the link or go directly to the page by typing the URL to see appear the traditional multicolored ball Waiting Mac, after which Apple’s browser crashes irreparably both iPhone and iPad and Mac.

Although the name of the site refers to Apple’s browser, open the page CrashSafari block any browser, whether on PC / Mac and iOS and Android smartphones. In some cases, especially with older smartphones, the terminal will get overloaded and starts to overheat, since that address continuously sends text strings.

We therefore advise you to be very careful, especially with the abbreviated or hidden links that you receive on social networks or messaging app. Fortunately, the memory overhead can be solved with a simple reboot.

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