This is Why The iOS 9 Jailbreak Is Likely To Be Impossible



The issue for which billions of users and thousands of our fans are watching every day can come to an end. Often the reason why we bought an iPhone can turn into a confusion, a lack or even crazy. In short, anyone who is reading this as ruthless or cruel words, he knows that we are talking about. A few weeks ago we entered into a debate, even in a Podcast on the future of Jailbreak. They are circulating sad news about the safety with which count the next OS of the iPhone, ie iOS 9. News that are not at all favorable for the large community of Jailbreaking.

The name of the enemy of many is “Rootless” as is being reported by the sources is to give a blow to Jailbreak, letting in more of their wounded components, with almost no possibility of reaction. So, as we had discussed, manage to find a vulnerability in iOS in September to run the famous Jailbreak Tumacacori be almost impossible. “Rootless” is the new security system with which they will have the OS of Apple devices (iOS and OS X) and is almost absolutely unassailable, so much so that prevents any malware and is described as a characteristic kernel-level capital .

Very safely keep your files, photos and other personal information on your devices are some of the main approaches to Apple about iOS 9. There is talk that Apple is focusing all its efforts to make this version the safest after the efforts shown in iOS 5. “Rootless” for OS X also informs us, just have to know that it will be as safe as iOS 9, but there is talk that may be breakable in our Mac, which is very difficult in iOS .

As you know, Apple claims to do some kind of hack their operating systems makes us lose the guarantee. And is Apple really willing to let the vulnerabilities we’ve seen for eight years in the world of Jailbreaking continue to be maintained, when we have a multimillion dollar business called apple pay? It is simply absurd.

Modify and benefit with our Jailbreak it can be a simple closed in the minds of Apple executives circle. Apple is willing to pay millions of dollars to hackers to help iOS to become the world’s most secure operating system, almost “inhackeable”.

Why do we say it is nearly impossible and not impossible? While it is true no operating system is perfect in itself nothing is, but if we can make it much more difficult to hack so much of it as travel to Neptune, although the Jailbreaking is a global business and They make millions hackers launching a Jailbreak (though so ugly sounds, but it’s true).

(Source: 9to5Mac)

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