Lots of PCs were contaminated with DNSChanger malware. If by means of monday July 9, it has now not been eliminated, contaminated laptop will likely be kicked off the web.  Contaminated computer systems with DNSchanger malware are redirecting borwsers when seeking to get right of entry to the web, says the Federal Place of business for Data Safety (BSI). Even if the people who find themselves at the back of this virus have already been arrested by using the FBI, many victims nonetheless have the malware put in in your laptop and are in danger on having a look their shedding get admission to to the net if now not eliminated by way of Monday.

Despite numerous notifications from Google, Facebook and ISPs, thousands of people infected with the DNSChanger malware and it is likely that from next Monday no Internet anymore. 
Since the inception of this malware are the number of infections has grown and changed, through the DNS data valuable infomation stolen, such as credit cards and passwords.

 How do you know whether you are a victim? Visit DNSchanger website.  With an estimated 69,000 cases reported, it is suspected 300 000 computers are infected in the United States, more than a dozen other countries, including Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain, Canada, India and Australia. Security experts say is not clear how many of the formerly infected hosts are still active, "to reach the victims, is a very big problem.

The FBI has a page online in which victims can see how they can remove this malware. It is estimated that 277,000 are infected,  and certainly worldwide.


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