Three Apple technologies that may change the market



Apple is going this year to present theBest Product Pipeline” in 25 Years, stated the vice president of Apple’s Internet services Eddy Cue . The first half of 2014 passed without loud premieres . What does Apple has up its sleeve? Perhaps it is not only about the iWatch and iPhone 6, it can be more than that.

1 . iBeacon

The so-called ” Internet of Things ” has become one of the most fashionable trends in high-tech. The most popular idea of ​​”smart” home, but large companies , even pay attention to this idea, but rather behave passively , and enthusiasts have to settle for bright presentations that do not lead to the production of real integrated solutions , or buy individual items and collect the “smart” house bit by bit. Experts say that Apple may release a full version iBeacon, technology , which was announced last year and allows the iPad and iPhone to synchronize with other gadgets via Bluetooth. May now turn to the controller iBeacon era ” Internet of Things ” and it can be used to turn the iPhone into a TV remote control or refrigerator control thermostats and so on.

2 . Apple Smart TV

Once Apple has promised to change our view of the television. Since then, millions of people are eagerly awaiting the release of ” apple ” TV. Probably , it will not just smart TV, and something unique , and Cupertino-based company has long concluded special contracts with content providers that will turn the market upside down . But first Apple may release an update usual Apple TV, set-top box , which allows you to run streaming video from Netflix and other specialized portals. Simple unification and centralization menu enough to increase the appeal of the device . And yet , since we are talking about the best product line , we would like to see the smart TV …

3 . Biometric Systems

iPhone 5s became the first gadget featuring the TouchID fingerprint reader, and this little innovation made ​​by new users to look at the question of the security of their electronic devices. Scanner completes era pin-codes , and if you remember about the enhanced binding system iPhone to account new developments and Apple, which makes the smartphone theft virtually meaningless , we can only expect the development of this trend , and maybe this is the year will create the most advanced biometric system from Apple, which will appear on all devices company? Perhaps even on MacBook? Experts say only until the appearance of Touch ID on iPad.

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