ipadApple specialist  Ming-Chi Kuo releases new information on upcoming iPad Pro in 2017. There will be not only a size and appearance of the current 9.7-inch iPad; But also be another two with a redesigned, thinner edges and 12.9 inches and 10-10.5 inches. The case of this second iPad is still not clear. The leaks go a step further, even detailing that these two new models will use the A10X chip and will be models with the label ‘Pro’.

With respect to the 9.7-inch iPad, it will use an adapted version of the A9 chip that was launched in 2015. The goal with this iPad would be to have a cheaper offer within the range of standard-size iPads and outside the iPad Mini . Apple does not seem to have been prepared for a renewal in terms of the performance of these devices, although perhaps its price could fall.

With the segment of tablets slate in difficulties and seeing very low sales of the iPad over the last few years (in which even what seemed impossible, as Microsoft and Windows within the segment managed to succeed, is happening), Apple is looking for new formulas to attract its regular customers and these will apparently come under two different strategies

The popularity of large-sized iPhone seems to be making a dent in this smaller version of the tablet. Despite this information, Kuo believes that the iPad is doomed to sell less with each new version and pack that Apple will place between 35 and 37 million Units in 2017.

(via: MacRumors)

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