Thunderbolt Landed on Windows PCs!


Thunderbolt is a know-how that in its announcement left no person detached. Many people must drool in entrance of the demonstration movies displaying us the opportunity of this know-how (10Gb / s learn and write) , the opposite noticed it as an enormous safety possibility for our machines. On the other hand, all ready to get their palms on. Excluding that all of us have achieved because that is the Apple model has the unique sketched this know-how considering the fact that its unlock. 


 Yes, but things will change, since we can use this technology on our old Windows PC soon.

It's always in the keynote of IDF that we dropped the info, as well as the vice-president of Intel took the lead. The nice man told us so we could see land machines fitted withThunderbolt apple without it for the first half of 2012. Yes I know it's not very precise, but at least we know that it happens and it's still not in so long. To finish the story, we already know that the first manufacturers to get into the race will be Acer and Asus .

The only problem is that, maybe by the release date of these machines, people are already equipped with USB 3.0 . While this technology is less efficient, but it is also cheaper and already very popular Thunderbolt devices can be counted on the fingers of the hand while there is already a multitude of external hard drives for example, which are USB 3.0. Still remember that some did not wait to integrate this new technology to their machines, and think hard to Sony and its magnificent Vaio Z which uses technology from Intel Light PeakFor those who did not follow the story, this Intel Light Peak, impressive speed (very high performance PCI Express) and fiber optic cable. Apple shows up and partnership be
tween the two out Thunderbolt, the only difference is that using copper cables as before were too expensive and once you lose a little in performance. 
And of course Apple appropriates exclusivity for one year.Which could result in the same result as the Firewire in its time, a powerful technology, but dedicated to the workplace with very few and expensive device.

And you dear readers, what future do you see for this technology, which, in my opinion, had everything to win without the exclusive Apple?


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