Thimstar has launched a jailbreak for the Apple Watch Series 3 with no plan for future update. It has many limitations such as it is not working and that a basic user may not know how to install it safely. In addition, the purpose of this jailbreak is not to install Cydia, but to enter the ins and outs of the device of the big apple.

 This jailbreak published on GitHub by Thimstar is compatible in its base form with the Apple Watch Series 3 running watchOS 4.1 version. However, the hacker says that modifying the project can be compatible with other products in different versions, but you have to modify the parameters of the project.

Thimstar also claims that it is an incomplete jailbreak. It does not give us guarantees that it works one hundred percent, nor does it guarantee that it will not damage the device. However, if you clarify what are the specifications of this jailbreak that have called jelbrekTime:

  • Use the exploit kernel level using v0rtex
  • Use the tpf0 and hsp4 systems
  • It makes use of the h3lix kernel patches
  • Extract bootstrap.tar
  • Remounts root filesystem as read/write 

It isa good news especially for those hackers who want to access the Apple Watch restriction placed by Apple: run systems as administrator, manage the system as root … It is also important to make clear that Tihmstar will no longer work on the Apple Watch as announced in his Twitter profile, so this has been a passenger project that he does not want to devote himself to anymore.





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