cook-5cMany experts had hoped that the speech of Apple’s quarterly conference will shed some light on the rumors about the company’s future products . Although rely on revelation Tim Cook would be naive – especially in light of the recent interview ABC News, dedicated to 30th anniversary of the Mac.

All interested in the popular iPhone 5c, but Apple in this regard gave only relative values ​​, without revealing the sales structure . Only to outpace revenue growth can be seen that the more expensive iPhone 5s in the last quarter proved popular. Recognized this and Tim Cook , who said that the flagship model is attracting more attention. Sales figures iPhone 5c were much less impressive than expected in the company.

Main magnet iPhone 5s CEO believes fingerprint Touch ID, which allows you to unlock the device and pay for purchases in the App Store and iTunes Store, confirming the identity of the owner’s biometric data . In Cupertino hinted that the scope of Touch ID is not limited , but preferred to refrain from further comment . It is possible that the company is actually working on a mobile payment system .

iPhone 5c did not undermined sale older model , but allowed Apple to bring the series regulars new consumers. Plastic model is popular with new buyers “apple” of smartphones, said Cook . Market expensive communicators he does not consider saturated to the limit. According to the head of Apple, sales growth iPhone 5s only confirms this , and a number of geographic markets has not yet exhausted its potential – we are talking about the U.S., Western Europe and Japan. In the latter case, Apple smartphone sales increased by 40% for the quarter , which allowed the iPhone to take 69 % of the local market .

It is possible that Apple will refuse to continue the release of iPhone 5c. As they say the latest leak , the company plans to release two iPhone with different screen sizes in a metal casing . A direct answer to the question of intent to segment the range of smartphones Tim Cook declined , stating that the corporation is “ready to produce any product , provided that it is great .”

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