Apple CEO Tim Cook has a public letter announced that the warranty conditions in China will be adjusted. Cook also offered apologies to Chinese customers. China’s government has repeatedly railed against Apple. Paid Celebrity criticism, news reporting and more. Origin was a critical report on Apple’s warranty service in the People’s Republic. But now reacts CEO Tim Cook.

In a letter from the CEO Cook regrets the poor relationship with China and the alleged arrogance of Apple, which has been criticized by Chinese state media. The whole supposedly based on poor communication in the Asian region. Apple makes no changes to the letter does not hang in the air. The repair services for iPhone 4 and 4S to be improved and more transparent. The warranty policy in China has now become significantly more manageable.

Cook apologizes to customers and promises that Apple will implement a number of changes to improve service to customers.Supervision and training of Apple authorized service providers will be increased and it will be easier to contact Apple Feedback Service.

The website will clearly stand on which service and warranty the Chinese have a right to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. With the  iPad 2 year warranty applies to the major components, for other components is 1 year. This will henceforth be clearly communicated. As Europeans we do little, but it shows that Apple is under external pressure is still quite willing to adapt to local circumstances to adjust. Cook concludes his letter by saying that the Chinese consumer priority for Apple. It therefore play major financial interests: according to one estimate, Apple $ 13 billion wrong by the anti-Apple propaganda of the state.

[Business Insider]

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