Tim Cook Comments On The iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case


Tim Cook

After a lot controversy on the new Apple iPhone Smart Battery case, Tim Cook took over the situation and defended the stylistic choices of Apple. Speaking last accessory made by Apple, Tim Cook wanted to defend the company from various accusations (“battery too bad”, “battery designed to fill a gap in the iPhone” …):

If you charge the phone every day, you probably will not need the Smart Battery. But if if on a trip or travel often out at night, it is something very beautiful and useful to have

The design:

I would not call the hump. See, I have at the moment I entered my iPhone 6 inside the Smart Battery. Have you ever tried to remove an iPhone batteries from other manufacturers? They are rigid battery case and it takes a lot of force to remove the device, while our designers have come up with an intelligent product. For this the hard part is focused only on a portion of the cover (the hump, ed), while the rest is made of soft materials, so as to facilitate their use.

In a second meeting held with the guys at the Apple Store Upper East New York, Tim Cook also spoke of education and education in the United States. For Cook, the programming courses should be mandatory in schools, because it can open many roads professional and personal to young boys: “And that’s why Apple offers workshops like these, for children aged 6 to 14 years.”

Apple is also working to improve education in the United States for those young people who can not afford private schools: “Our aid program in 120 schools, soup kitchens and we have created new courses at no cost to the institutions.”

Tim Cook Powercase has defined as a stylish accessory. It is at least interesting that Tim Cook is not outside of all the controversy that has generated the Powercase, in fact declares knowing all the defects that have been able to take the controversial accessory, so, we can confirm that the product has flooded the market with total approval. Apple once again tries to tell the public what they need, without the public even knowing it.

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