Tim Cook communicates with his staff more than Steve Jobs


The Wall Side road Journal has looked at how Tim Cook as Apple's CEO does. Cook Jobs in late August followed ago, after the famous icon resigned due to illness . According to sources close to Apple's Cook is concerned with things that Jobs is not interested and he would regularly listen to suggestions from staff.

Wall Street Journal writes:

In recent weeks, Cook was occupied with administrative matters that Jobs never interested in such promotions and corporate reporting structures, according to people familiar with his work. The new 50-year-old CEO also communicates with his staff more than its predecessor. He has several e-mails sent to his employees, which he appeals to them as "Team".

Cook has a few minor changes made within Apple. So he split in two education division, which now works closer to Apple itself. This does not mean that Apple very soon will change. "Cook is not a fan of restructuring," said someone in the company of the Wall Street Journal.

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