Tim Cook meets with China Mobile Chairman in Beijing



Apple CEO Tim Cook was in China to discuss possible cooperation. No sooner had he returned, there was a rumor that Apple is planning a low-cost model of the iPhone. The unanimous report Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg , referring to employees of the Group. The new model should cost $99 to $149. Thus, it would be far below the previous prices charged Apple for its products. The current iPhone price depends on the features, the cheapest currently, the iPhone 4, still 399 euros.

The rumors that the low price can be achieved by cheaper materials and components are used in previous models. Even a smaller size is conceivable, according to the unnamed informants. It could therefore be sold as early as the second half of 2013.

If the low-cost device really be built, it would be a proof that CEO Cook the company’s strategy completely remodels. Which previously it to sell high-quality looking products at high prices. Thus spoke to Apple users, especially, where image and ease of use is more important than money. This works, the profit per unit is enormous. Approximately 50 percent of the sales price for the iPhone, Apple recorded as profit . This additionally had an impact on web earnings, which ceaselessly nearly doubled in contemporary years.

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