Tim Cook: Rumors Of iPhone 8 Could Hurt iPhone 7 Sales


iphone 8 concept

Apple has unveiled quarterly results for its accounts this week, and despite the good revenue figures, iPhone sales have fallen. Apple has sold 50.8 million units of its mobile phones in the last quarter, which is slightly below the 51.1 million that were sold in the same period last year. And Tim Cook has something to say about it.

“The earliest and most frequent information on iPhone futures” are having an impact on sales, Apple CEO Tim Cook explained in response to an analyst’s question during the quarterly financial results presentation.

The Apple executive has not given much more details, but rumors have always had some influence on Apple’s sales, especially in those devices that are renewed annually like the iPhone and the iPad.

People who are thinking of buying a mid-year phone, for example, may delay their purchase if there are rumors about the arrival of a new iPhone with significant improvements in September.

The influence of these rumors has been greater this year by the large number of changes expected in the iPhone 8 will be an OLED screen with 5.8-inch, Virtual Home button, wireless charge, 3D facial recognition, etc.

On top of the rumors factor, it is likely that Tim Cook himself has contributed to fuel that wait on the part of the users. Recall that in early 2017, the company shared a press release in which Cook gave us great expectation talking about the iPhone’s tenth anniversary.

In addition,  rumors about the iPhone 8 began even before the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were released, which took some of the equipment launched in 2016. It is rumored that the important changes Will be in the devices we will see this year, meaning that people prefer to wait and reserve their money for a better acquisition.

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