During the Q4 2019 financial conference, Tim Cook also talked about the launch of the new AirPods Pro and how they position themselves in the Apple headset range.

Tim Cook pointed out that AirPods Pro is an essential upgrade for how Apple intends to manage its audio devices.

During the question and answer session following the financial conference, Cook was asked how much a wearable device upgrade cycle, including AirPods, was needed for earnings. The CEO of Apple replied that there is still not enough data to measure the speed with which users update products such as Apple Watch and AirPods, but still offered an interesting interpretation on AirPods Pro:

We’re anxious to see the customers for the new AirPod Pro. But I would guess that one, particularly in the early going, will be people that have AirPods today and want to also have a pair for the times they need noise cancellation.

For Cook, AirPods Pro are no longer a complement to AirPods for some types of users. In short, a model designed for those who need to have earphones with active noise cancellation.

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