Tim Cook talks about ‘massive change’ Coming to autonomous driving



Few people like Apple CEO Tim Cook can have some idea of ​​what the technology industry will give us in the future, not only for the devices that Apple may be working on, but also for their knowledge of the competition, patents and businesses that surround this area. Once again, Tim Cook has been reluctant to talk about the Apple Car, avoiding any queries regarding the Project Titan and of course, refusing to recognize the existence of electric and autonomous car that Apple hides in its facilities.

However, he has not lost the time to remember that the automobile industry is currently at a turning point for a big change. These words shed a little light on the subject and were discharged during an interview last night at the Wall Street Journal of Laguna Beach, California – United States. Apple CEO is displayed when hard letting go about electric car project that the Apple guys are running, the same analysts expect to have on the roads by 2019 or 2020. Moreover Tim Cook has spoken the power of software in the automotive industry today.

For now Apple is limited to enhance Car Play, is the closest we can place the company in terms of current vehicles, and we have no other, especially while focusing on Tim Cook again and again deny the existence of Project Titan. The secret has always been the watchword of Apple.

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