Time Names iPhone X In Its List Of 25 Best Inventions Of 2017



TIME Magazine rewarded the iPhone X by inserting it into the Top 25 of the Best Inventions of 2017. To celebrate this, TIME interviewed Jony Ive, the leader of the device design team. As expected after the spectacular renewal that has suffered the iPhone, we can find the iPhone X, a smartphone that has been on sale almost two months after its official presentation.

In this list, not only there are electronic products, but at the time of making it, Time magazine has taken into consideration a wide range of products aimed at all audiences. In addition to the iPhone X, in this listing we also find the Nintendo Swicth, Tesla Model 3, Jibo robot, eSight 3 glasses that allow the blind to distinguish some elements of their environment, the Ember Mug that allows to maintain the temperature of liquid It contains a constant temperature, the elevators that move horizontally as well as up and down, a Nike hijab for women athletes, the new virtual reality glasses from Facebook called Oculus GO, the DJI Spark drone, a filter that eliminates polluting molecules among others. And yes, the Spinner also enters this list.

The iPhone X is the first iPhone without the classic start button that has been replaced by the notch, where the necessary technology is integrated to unlock the device without having the need of using the start button, which evolved by integrating a fingerprint sensor to protect its access.

(Source: TIME)

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