Download-TimePasscode-0.0.1-9-v0.0.1-9 Unusual concept for limiting access to the iPhone and iPad tablet functions offered developer Steve Hetelekides . His add-in allows use as a password the current time.

TimePasscode was created for users’ forum Reddit. Programmer realized the idea of ​​a free tweak from Cydia. Instead of a static four-digit code to enter TimePasscode offers four digits displayed on the clock of the mobile device .

Thus, the password on the iPhone and iPad will be different every time you unlock , depending on the current time. For example, if the clock shows 10:20 , the password is ” 1-0-2-0 ” and if 9:30 is – ” 0-9-3-0 .”

TimePasscode works as follows. Once installed on a device with iOS 7 to include the password in the settings and activate the tweak . Now, if you block the gadget , it is asked to enter the current time.

In the settings TimePasscode can enable the ” reversible password » (Reverse Time Passcode). In this case you need to enter numbers in the opposite direction : if the clock to 10:20 , then the codeword is 0-2-0-1 .

TimePasscode can use after opening the root access to the OS and install Cydia.

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