TinyUmbrella 6.10 launched with iOS 6.1 beef up



Following the release of iOS 6.1,hackers and developers have been actively working on new products for the users who will soon have the opportunity to do the jailbreak. The team announced Evad3rs approximate release date for the utility to hack the firmware – its release tentatively scheduled for Sunday, the developers began to update tweaks in Cydia, and released an update to the NotCom TinyUmbrella 6.10.02  utility.

With the release of TinyUmbrella 6.10.02 users iPhone, iPod touch and iPad became possible to store digital certificates for iOS 6.1. In order to continue to have the possibility of complications revert to the latest OS, you must use the updated TinyUmbrella and downloaded SHSH blobs for that version of Apple-OS.

TinyUmbrella 6.10.02 allows you to easily save the certificate SHSH blobs and BBTickets on operating systems OS X and Windows. Doing this is recommended for all iOS-devices on each version, especially for jailbreakers. In this case, if you happen to go to the new OS, you can always downgrade to the previous system.

In case something goes wrong, and need to go back to an older firmware version, you need to save SHSH blobs using TinyUmbrella for OS X or Windows. With available digital certificates, users can downgrade the firmware that Apple stopped signing.

The developer said that a little rushed with the new version of TinyUmbrella, and contains a few bugs, such as the model does not recognize the device. Minor update utility will be released soon, but for now it is better to wait a little while maintaining Certificates.

A few minutes after the new OS MuscleNerd, a leading developer of hacker group iPhone Dev Team and the team Evad3rs announced that the release of untethered jailbreak iOS 6.1 for all devices will take place this Sunday.

Download TinyUmbrella 6.10.02 for Home windows
Obtain TinyUmbrella 6.10.02 for Mac OS X

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