tinyumbrella-6-1Semaphore release a new beta of TinyUmbrella which passes release. TinyUmbrella is a useful tool for jailbroken users who wish to have the possibility to downgrade firmware jailbroken their iOS device. According Semaphore, it will soon be possible to downgrade the iOS. This is very good news!

So if you want to have this backup option, it is advisable to backup your SHSH with TinyUmbrella now. Moreover, the developers explain that the next updates of their tool will bring more new for devices with chips A7 and A8.

Here’s what’s new in the latest version:

  • Architecture detection – TinyUmbrella Will now warn you if iTunes is a different architecture. This affects detection device. If TinyUmbrella and iTunes are not the Saami architecture, TinyUmbrella won’t blind in detect your device
  • Contention issues – Some nasty race condition revolving around the startup and handling of files. This has been fixed in the latest build
  • ECID SHSH and version detection – TinyUmbrella Was failing to detect very old (3.x) SHSH formats. This resulted in -1.shshs. This has been fixed and the actual SHSHs In Those found files -1 Will Be Placed In Their proper homes automatically.
  • Longer TSS Fetch cooldown – This is significant Because if we hit the TSS servers too Quickly, flood detection Their Will kick in and Ourselves We Will earn a nice temporary ban IP.
    Highlighting Device SHSH from table – When you select a signature in the table, the highlight highlighted Corresponding
  • Device is in the device tree.
  • Many more bug fixes

To start saving your SHSH now, you need to download TinyUmbrella by visiting the official Semaphore website.


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