Tony Sage offerss the World’s Most expensive Diamond-coated iPhone 4 for $8 million


The well-known jeweler Stuart Hughes who stands in altering iDevices for rich shoppers set a brand new report. Made the iPhone 4 in a jewel value for $8 million.


The client of this extraordinary and expensive precious already has a gold mine. This is none other than mining magnate Tony Sage also owns the Australian football team. His phone has a metal shell plated pink gold, the sides are covered with 500 diamonds weighing 100 carats. And for the most expensive apple market, the Apple logo on the rear panel consists of 53 diamond gem stones. Instead of the usual button ‘home’ plastic can find a pink diamond weighing a whopping 7.4 carats and set with a platinum setting. This magnificent 4 iPhone comes in special packaging: A Box 3 pounds cut from a block of pink granite.

The story does not say whether all this wealth solves the problem of antenna and receiver. Crisis?you said the crisis? but what crisis?


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