ToolJail: Can I jailbreak? Your Ultimate Jailbreak Assistant


Some time in the past, iSpazio has posted a instrument performing as a complete information on your iPhone to look whether it is and how you can jailbreak jailbreak.

It additionally identifies all of the information to jailbreak your iPhone in 3.1.3 whether it is jailbreak.


 A new software comes out called ToolJail, which lets you know if you can jailbreak iPod / iPhone to 3.1.3 with new iboot. Indeed, just enter the data on your iPhone / Touch to see if he is or not. In this, it is less convenient than f0recast.

However, ToolJail carries a jailbreak guide, a tutorial for the DFU mode and Recovery mode, another for the downgrade, and finally a page with links to download everything you might need in the tutorials.


This is  how it works:
You have five pages presented in the left column.

The first is that the home page.
Only the second page is interactive. You enter this data:

  • Your device
  • Your firmware
  • The version of your iBoot (for 3Gs)
  • If you have or have not registered your ECID (for 3Gs)
  • Your operating system (Mac or PC)


Model-your iTouch 2G (MB or MC for iTouch 2G)
And you know if your iPhone is jailbreak or not.

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