Analyst firm Distimo has published a report on the market for mobile applications. At this time, special experts focused revenues for software developers. In the summer of experts found that the application requires a minimum 4000 downloads and earnings of $47,000 (about 1.5 million) a day to stay in the top 10 App Store.

According to a new report from Distimo, the total income of the application of the top 200 highest-grossing App Store development is about $ 18 million – an average of $90,000 per day for a single application . Average daily sales of the 200 most profitable programs for mobile devices Apple rose in November from $ 15 million to $ 18 million on an annualized basis .

An important trend for Apple’s online store was a sharp rise in profits from the applications that are downloaded for free, but then demand money for the installation of improvements or additional features. Two years ago, the proportion of such applications in the App Store Revenues amounted to 53% , compared to January of this year, it rose to 77% , and in November was 92% . Google Play and receives 98% of all proceeds from these “free” applications.

In regard to the ability to benefit from the application App Store, well ahead of Google Play, analysts say. According to Distimo, Apple’s share of total revenue in November was nearly 63 % , while Google accounted for 37 % of the market .

“App Store continues to hold the lead in terms of total revenue – said an analyst Distimo Christelle Shogher . – Nevertheless, throughout 2013 the share of Google Play grew steadily from month to month . “

According to Distimo, a dozen best-selling applications for Apple consists entirely of games. List of the most profitable programs headed for Google messaging service Line.


Revenues for the App Retailer and Google Play Russia closes the highest ten . Within the first situation essentially the most winning nations for on-line outlets of Apple and Google are america, on the 2nd – Japan, South Korea acquired the 1/3 , the fourth – the UK and the fifth – China .

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