It is no secret that a bunch of excellent headphones and a devoted amplifier for them costing time and again – and even on the orders! -More cost-effective than conventional amplifier and audio system to verify related high quality palette of overtones, extent and sound decision. That is out prime 5 best possible headphones beneath $200

Audio Technica ATH-M50


ATH-M50 used to be developed by using Audio-Technica particularly for skilled monitoring and mixing in recording studios, however fell in love with tune fans and easy. The entire headphones Audio-Technica ATH-M50 has a comfy work for a in point of fact very long time: large delicate ear pads, adjustable headscarf with a dependable, however no longer oppressive touchdown on his head, the power to observe one ear because of the rotating one hundred eighty levels cups and most significantly – extraordinarily correct transmission of sound.

Look and ease of use

Plastic, steel, leather-based – after all a mix of high quality supplies forming cool-taking a look headphones. Now not have any prominent design parts appears to be like utilitarian, however with style. Black – the basic silver specks – is, for that grasp seem. However appear flashy headphones.

Alternatively, crucial is just not how headphones seem, and the way they sit down in your head. On this case there’s no downside, rotating in two planes cups, adjustable scarf and now not very sturdy clamp to the top present a excessive stage of relief, as promised. The design of closed, in order that the ears for long run use headphones sweat, however the ache after an hour or two I had now not observed. The design of folding, headphones can also be folded into the cups.

Foldable design and trendy case simplify storage and transportation of headphones, relaxed single-sided OFC cable with gold-plated plug prevents extraneous noise and interference. The price range is around $159


Jaybird Bluebuds X


Despite some flaws, concerning restrictions on the reproduction quality, wireless headset is very comfortable. This is particularly evident for people with active lifestyles. What can I say, to engage in the gym or running around with wires dangling on his chest is not very nice. That is why the company decided to Jaybird promote their products, with an emphasis on sports orientation set. Today we want to talk about the top model BlueBuds X, in which engineers have tried to combine all their achievements.

Like other headset companies, BlueBuds X is sold in a nice compact package. Inside depicts a man, apparently associated with the sport. Jaybird not cease to remind us, for whom created these headphones.

Seated under a transparent plastic, we are met by corporate case. Judging by the responses of people, he recalls first powder compact. It is difficult to say what inspired the designers, but the rounded shape and a lot of silver inserts cause my association with women’s accessory. Where here to sports? But the reliability of the carrying case does not hold – it protects the headset from any adversity.


The headset itself is extremely compact and simple. This two headphones, connected by a short cable with a flat control panel. The body is made of glossy black plastic with silver accents under the metal. This product is also available in a white version of the design. Headset weight is 13.8 g.

Discount on portability and wireless transmission, playback quality deserves a “good.” BlueBuds X should be fine for most popular genres of music.



Headphones from Jaybird suitable for all users. In BlueBuds X combines comfort, sound quality and long battery life – all this is exactly what we expect from a wireless headset. Securely fasten in-ear headphones and use them during exercise will be an additional advantage for those who have long sought a convenient option for sports and everyday listening. Ranging from $150 – $170

V-Moda Crossfade LP


V-Moda Crossfade LP, which in addition to great design, and still have control technology for Apple. Headphones are very loud. And coupled with decent soundproofing get good headphones for use in transportation. Particular attention is drawn to the bass. It is a powerful, deep enough, often felt even leather ears. But there lurks the problem. The bass is not too ITEM, at the first opportunity is ready to start. Also, there is a lack of brightness of the high range. Thus, a combination of factors have quite a “dark” sound color.

What’s in the box:

  • headphones
  • a simple audio cable,
  • audio cable with remote control,
  • the adapter to the “big” jack 6.3 mm


The headphones very fared well with electronics, but in a quick “heavy” music can manifest lack of speed and detail. Anything slower clears very nice. I spent the assessment, based on experience with the use of the iPhone 4, so that when connected to a more serious sound path may change slightly. However, I bought them just for the iPhone, so the rate as is.

And finally, a brief account of the remote and microphone. Remote convenient, but quite massive. Three buttons control playback / challenge and two volume buttons. All works properly, the voice is transmitted bearable.

To sum up, I would say that for the money that they ask for the manufacturer, the selection is quite good. A V-Moda asks for them $200. As for our stores, the prices here grow up to 11-12 thousand rubles. And this despite the fact that the booking on the official site, you can greatly customize their headphones by color trim headband, metallic pads, put on their drawing. Can be found for $110


Grado SR80i


Grado SR80i headphones are generally intended for private listening. Therefore, most of all, they have a closed structure that does not disturb the neighbors performance of music and travel. But such a structure creates a lot of internal reflections, body vibrations and standing waves – all this seriously reduces the quality of the sound.

What’s left to do? In Grado approached this problem with dismaying ease: they create an open headphones that transmit sound out almost in all directions, but for those who wear them, they sound great.

However, the design of the “sieve of sound” – not the only disadvantage of this model. Powerful cups, headband with leather covering and a short metal rod create the impression that these headphones are removed from the head of the radio station announcer 50s.


But SR80i has one huge plus, and it is their sound – perfectly rhythmic, incredibly detailed, musical, natural, and (with quality recordings) is simply superb.

Do not take them on the trip: your neighbors rasslyshat everything to the last note, and yet not everyone will be glad to get acquainted with the work of Michael Buble.

But if you listen to music at home, where you will not disturb anyone, SR80i are great for the category, value for money above all praise. Roughtly cost between $99 – $130

Beyerdynamic Custom Pro One

beyerdynamic_custom oneStylish headphones for street use? If you ask this question, many audiophiles will think of Beats by Dr. Dre or  Skullcandy models, which are allocated a beautiful appearance and in some ways are part of the image. Beyerdynamic company is well known in the world of lovers of quality sound and a Custom One Pro model, she decided to meet the needs of people who listen to music on the street or in transport.

beyerdynamic_custom  To succeed in this segment, Beyerdynamic turned to a familiar trick: as you can guess by the word “Custom” in the title, you can change the appearance of headphones, which have already appeared in Europe at a price of 199 euros. In addition, the headphones have a comfortable adjustment of bass and (part of) the volume so that you can customize not only the look but also the sound. Built-in speakers with an impedance of 16 ohms are very efficient, providing sufficient volume level from virtually any source. In our review, we consider whether the Custom One Pro to attract consumers to their side.


In addition to the headphones, you get yourself a removable cable and an adapter with a 3.5-mm by 6.3-mm jack. Carrying bag or case would have to be very helpful to carry and portable use, but, alas, nothing you do not get. Yet price category in this case plays an important role. Cost $199 at Amazon.

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